Reach Intelligent9 Series USB 3.1 duplicator

Reach Intelligent9 Series USB 3.1 duplicator contains groundbreaking
technology in the transfer speed. It supports duplication speed up to 12 GB/min.
Its effortless use means a PC or other software are not required; and no risk of virus infection.

  • tech spec

    Speed transfers of up to 12 GB/min.(200MB

    Non PC
    based system. Embedded controller is designed to support capacities
    over 18TB+. Constant improvement supports latest market available devices.
    Records: operating durations, individual port copy progressions, connected devicemodels, capacities, serial numbers, and PASS or FAIL results.•Device writing/reading speeds are recorded.•Log report files are generated through Port #1 or through the U Reach PC LinkSoftware UtilityEvent Log Management

    Write Protection: Supports Wmode USB pen drivesperform hardware level write protection.

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